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support of all those families that were grieving. i thin i will innately know when i have done everything can do in the form of art to keep the memory alive of those who died. right n iow i feel that this is what i'm supposed to do. >> that's it for us tonight. i'm don lemon at the headquarters. see you at 6:00 ad 10:00 p.m. we leave you with the familiar tribute in light, now synonymous with ground zero symbolizing the fallen on that day. good night nine years ago in the aftermath of 9/1 the united states had one sworn enemy. fast forward to 2010. >> we are commanded to terrorize the disbelievers. >> commanded to terrorize? >> it's clearly in the arabic
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language. this means terrorize them. >> a decade later, jihad against the west is more of a threat now than ever. his words have taken root in a new generation of radicalng muslims embracing everything he represits. >> i love osama bin laden. i love him li i can't begin to tell you. >> are go evening. we welcome viewers in the u.s. and around the world. for the next hour we take you from new york toem en and the hills of jamaica to mes the new jihadists determine to carry on in bin laden's name. the newcomers are undeterred as they call for the destruction of everything that doesn't conform to their radical view of islam.
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at the top of the list, the very country that gives them the freedom of speech to spew their hatred, the united states. with us for the entire hour, two of cnn experts on terrorism that track things closely. the national security townsend anrck robertson. thanks and stand by. at this moment, no one is of greater concern than a u.s. citizen deemed so dangerous, his own country is trying to kill him. the american-born man emerged as one ofl qaeda's top recruiters. here's nick's report of why the u.s. regards him as the potential heir to osama bin laden. >> it's a victory. >> rain was mercy. >> the radical yemen-based preacher seen here online. his followers say his like osama
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bin laden. >> he reminds me of, for example, osama bin laden and also al zarqawi and is soft spoken and the knowledge and foundations they have. >> he said hand me over your scrolls. >> this is the same man who exchanged e-mails with major nadal hasan, accused of killing 13 people at ft. hood. after the killings, he praised hasan on his website, calling him a hero. years ago, he move friday the u.s. towa london and was still here when the alleged cdahristm day bomber began university here. intelligence agencies are investiging the possibility they met. this is the mosque where he did most of his preacng in london. the has been no indication they met here, but during the
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young nigerian's three years in london, he almost undoubtly met some of the our admirers. he was one of the thousand who is flocked to the lectures. >> people loved him. people loved his classes and the way he explained things. >> these radical muslims in london with whom adbul shared a hatr of the united states and the war in iraq. he was god's mess enjer. not for everyone. he was once a radical himself. they met and he heard him speak in a london mosque in 2002, saying police mistreated a mellow muslim. >> this was an insult to islam and we have do something about t. let's do something about it. if they don't know how to channel that, they will take it out somewh>>ere. >> he has since turned his back on extremism and found out later
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in private he expressed even more extreme views. >> he was told he coinnductehe this, cludg in the west. >> the suicide bombing >> against civilians and the targets. >> he was e ntually banned from uk. >> even though he can't come back, he is still getting his message out. boxis sets of his dvds are sellg for about $100 each and the store keeper here said they are among his hottestit selling ite. most people buying them believe he is mainstream. whether on dvd, behind closed doors,e has inspired people to terrorism. in london, court transcripts reveal that at least some of the group that conspired to blow up
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passenger jets en route to the u.s. were devotees. so too, terrorists planning to blow up targets in canada and the united states. the six men arrested in may 2007 and convict of plning to kill soldiers at fort dix in new jersey. [inaudible] . >> what you are thearing, thre of the ft. dix plotters. he is influential because of his background. he was born ther united states and his fathe was a minster in the yemeni government. he is smart and privileged. he preached at the mosque in virginia.un >> young, handsome, californian. he has the benefit of english
11:07 pm and who also is proficient in the arabic language and in fact, he is technically an arab. what better mix? >> h doesn't agree, but it was at his mosque he met two of the 9/11 bombers. although theres no evidence he knew what they were planning. what's on everyone's mind now is what influence they may have had on a young nigerian here or in yemen. nick robertson, cnn, london. >> a reminder nickan robertson d former homeland security adviser under president bush will join me to discuss how bin laden's message turned viral, but the question now, whether the u.s. in some way is elevating the status of the new bin laden and whether the death sentence hanging over his head has
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actually helped him raise money and recruit new terrorists. >> i think many authorities in yemen believed that we elevate him further if we actually do kill him. >> the potential making of a martyr, when we come back. which gels to help remove waste and reduce cholesterol. metamucil. ask more of youriber.
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the man behind so many currentld threats could be more dangerous dead than alive. e u.s. sees him as a threat and calls him an enemy and made him a military target. amongextremists, that may have made him more powerful than ever. four years ago in london he heard and first began to see how this english speaking cleric was attracting young muslim students like himself. they all thought he was brilliant. >> we must remember that he came
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on to the scene at a time where muslim-born orhat british school ars. he was one of them. the appeal is obviously fantastic. >> he was young, spoke american english eloquently and to many young muslim men seeking direction, he was a rock star. almost overnight, he said his less o message took on a sinister tone. >> the evolution worries me. here was someone who told us we should be praying and behaving in a particular way as muslims shld. there should be violence. >> he now preaches hatred and according to u.s. intelligence sources he became not just a preacher of violence, but a planner. >> the belief is getting more into specific aspects from his safe haven in yemen and able to
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be operational and he is not just recruiting and motivating, it is believed that senior al qaeda leaders in the arabian peninsula, specifically yemen are listening to him. >> this english-speaking mouth piece for al qaeda's global jihad is now deeply involved in actual attempts to kill westerners as was believed was done by the follower and alleged shooter, major nadal hasan. they decided he is an enemy and issued a capture or kill order for him. pat is say former assistant director of the fbi's counter terrorm division. >> should we kill him? >> the primary goal is to protect our citizens globally. when you have individuals who are planning to conduct terrorist attacks in our
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rhetoric to invigorate others or get others to conduct the attacks, then that individual is a threat to our national security. >> there is a risk. he was virtually an unknown a few years ago. now he is front page news, being compared to osama bin laden himself. killing him, says tom puente could turn him into a legend. >> many believe that we elevate him further if we do kill him. we will make him a martyr and his videos and recordings and othe messages will live on and on and have increased circulation after his death. >> killing him he says will eliminate any possibilities of learning why he turn friday recruiting from islam to recruiting to kill. >> killing him is going to add fuel to the fire. it's going to completely
11:14 pm
marginalize those who agree that his violence is wrong and want to know why this happened. i think even let's look beyond the swagds because as i said, it could be someone tomorrow. >> i want to bring in fran townsend and you are a former homeland security adviser. is there any value in learning why he has gone from an iamic scholar to radial terrorist? >> of course there is interest in understanding that, but i must tellr you that is far outweighed by the threat this man presents. he is not new to intelligence and law enforcement officials. they have been tracking him for the better part of the last nine years. he played an increasingly operational role as you heard from tom and i disagree with tom. look, he's a very real and persistent threat and among the leaders of al qaeda a the
11:15 pm
arabian peninsula and we have a solemn duty and obligation to protect the american people from future attacks where when we know where they are coming from. he's one of the places. he is an absolutely legitimate security target forr a captu o kill opation. >> this is the obamara administration's target. it's a u.s. citizen we are talking b. >> you are right and it is a tough call. the entire proces one goes through weighing this matter. lawyers are involved to make sure there is sufficient evidence that he is an imminent and real threat to the american people. i don't thit's alose call. i think it's pretty clear and the administration was right to authorize the action. >> he is being compared to osama bin laden. we can compare him that we can't get him like osama bin laden. we don't know where he is.
11:16 pm
your reporting has been excellent on this. any reporting that says we are close and getting nearer to him? >> nothingdi that seems to indicate that. he is very probably in yemen. that's the best belief where he is hiding out where he can get tribal loyalty and al qaeda can hide out there and the difficulty there for the government to get them is that it is a lot of the country that they don't control. two days ago, the end of ramadan in a small town in yemen, 40 police were threatened by armed al qaeda on t street, either repent or face coming out to kill you. is gives you an idea of how strong they are. plenty of places to hide out. the holy grail is capturing if you could do that would be one day he would repent and that would be a powerful anti-al qaeda message.
11:17 pm
that is dreaming too far, but some have done that and they are theest people. >> no doubt that he is basally a leader of this movement? >> there seems to be no doubt about it. it seems to be a very inspirational figure. his message is mainstream and a lot of people who were here on terrorists and that seems to be the case. >> much more still ahead on this ninth anniversary of 9/11, including how the radical message found its way from the mountains of afghanistan to the crowded streets of new york city. >> we are commanded to terrorize the disbelievers. >> american converts now preaching the destruction of their own untry. that update on the day's top stories when we come back. hold all your phone calls. for the next hour, there will be no agenda. marie callender's invites you back to lunch,
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i'm don lemon checking the top stories. america remembers 9/11 nine years later. adground zero, the pentagon d sharchgsville,he pennsylvania people gather to honor the almost 3,000 people who died.
11:21 pm
president barack obama urged amicans not to is you to fear. kentucky police identified a 45-year-old as a gunman in a murder-suicide in rural eastern kentucky who killed five people before turning the gun on t himself. among the dead are his wife and stepson. it followed a dispute in a mobile home. new beremains have been fou in a gas explosion in mohr bodies were found in incinerated homes and cars. pakistan is bracingor more ran as a monsoon retreats, but despite the downpours, one river is expected to fall from high to medium flood levels. they left tens of millions without shelter. the disaster is called the worst it ever faced. salvatore junta will receive thr highest reward for valor.
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oh, that's the spot! terrorist attacks against the west can be traced back to a cleric who successfully insighted hisol followers to ac. often suicidally. i recently travelled to jamaica
11:25 pm
to meet one cleric only to discover there were strings attached to the interview. >> we came to meet the radical own ic preacher on his turf. into the ing road hillside we climbed. >> we think this is it. >> the sheik invited us and interviewed he said to clear his name from an awful past. we quickly learned the sheik had told us a lie. >> is the sheik in? >> no. >> you can tell us where he is? not here yet? >> he lured cnn to the island as part of a shake down. cnn does not pay for introduce. the sheik was asking for $15,000 just to talk. >> why are you charging us scor money to talk to you?
11:26 pm
>> most recently arrested in kenya, authorities say this 46-year-old jamaican was encouraging young muslims to alfight in somalia. his arrest sparked riots, leading to five dead and leadind kenya to deport him back to his native jamaica. u.s. intelligence officials and jamaica's justice ministry said they are carefully watching. they have long thought to be a potential new home for a terrorist message and the sheik never stopped preaching. throh internet chat roomsnd sending ou tapes. >> the fear is that even isolated down that road in a home that this islamic scholar, this preacher of radical islam could have an effect on the population here. gather a following and perhaps influence others to follow the paths of t terrorists who followed hi >> it's the reasone came to the island to interview him. invited by the sheik himself who
11:27 pm
promsd he would explain himself once we arrived. when we did, his new agent expl wained to us there would b no interview unless we paid $15,000. cndoes n pay for any interviews. during three telephone convsations and one face-to-face meeting, the sheik id try to explain how he was misinterpreted. when he said muslims should fight and kill jews, christians and hindus. that was the old sheik, he told me. i reform since then. >> i'm asking you, do you feel any guilt at all that these men listened to you and went out and tried to kill people and some of them did kill people? they listened to many clerics. do you feel guilt they listened to you? i'm asking you a question. you will not answer that question right now? he just hung up. he said he won't do the interview unless he gets paid, period.
11:28 pm
he won't answer that may questi. there may be good reason thepa sheik needs to be paid. he is economically and socially isolated here. the vast majority of jamaicans are a religion the sheik calls paganism. the islamic counsel will not allow the sheik to preach in any of jamaica's dozen or so mosques until he denounces his radical teachings. >> i have not spoke tevhim not even for a monday since his return to jamaica. >> that are has not stopped the sheik from preaching in homes around jamaica, gathering followers and especially over the internet. listen to this. >> my believe is islam and it would ruin america. >> it is the sheik in an internet forum at the end of july titled the battle of washington. declares they will day rule this country if muslims make
11:29 pm
sacrific sacrifices. >> if we want that white house and desire to conquer that white house, we need to suffer hardship. it's a matter of time when we will see it established within the white house. >> let's bring in our guests. that does sound rather extreme. ny would defend himself by saying i didn't tell anybody t bomb the white house. it can be interpreted any which way you can if you are isolated at home on your computer. is there any way to fight this? >> it's very difficult. we had much discussion in the recent week over the first amendment rights. you may say things abhorrent to me, but you have a legal right to say them. what investigators do is look for somedy to cross the line. this man if he is in kenya and recruiting people to go fight in somalia, it's reminiscent of omar -- an alabama-born guy who
11:30 pm
fights in somalia and using 14 people who get indicted here in the united states. 12 of whom are over in somalia fighting now. they are legallypo responsible r those they recruit to go and kill and the point you were trying to make if the sheik would have given you the interview. that he does have legal culpability and that crosses the line from free speech. >> what surprises me about all of these is how many threats we had and how close we have come to another horrific attahck and behind each is the kind of spiritual leader, if you will, that you can track where the message came from and where it was misinterpreted. >> and that's one of the hardest things to stop. these messages can be disseminated in a back room and can be disseminated on the internet. it is people listening to somebody who they believe is right ouabt the faithnd who distorts the faith and pushing them and encourages them into
11:31 pm
action or drawing them to a training camp where many of the trning camps e. >> one of the toughest things we have to deal with as we move on in our show is the radical message that is not coming from the outside to the united states. but coming from the unid states out to the world. i want to show you just a little piece of tape here from the streets of new york of a man who i interviewed last year whool td me that the attacks on/11 years ago were justified. this is an american. >> [inaudible]. initialism. secularism. obama is the enemy he really is. >> revolution muslim praises attacks on the u.s.,
11:32 pm
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war war you can findlass osama e laden's message being preached on the streets of new york in fron of morvegs here in the united states. preacher who is preach violence and preach hatred and trying to attract people to the cause of bringing some kind of law to the
11:35 pm
united states and to the world. people l lahok on osama bin laden not as a villain, but as a hero and they spread that on the internet and on the streets. i want to bring back our guests nick robertson, you know the fellows well. muslim made an industry outfon this. the question i posed before we went to the break, is there any way to stop the message from being spread? >> a counter message. a stronger counter message for people more credible than them. one official described that as the bug light that draw in wannabe jihadists and sometimes this group doesn't provide enough of a radical message and it's often the people who come into the periphery and move on. they want more. they want action. they want to get t the trainingr camps. what is required is a counter message and that's beginning to emerge. some muslimou grps worried about
11:36 pm
theiinflr children and the influences out there on their kids and putting up websites or plan to put up websites that will give a message and when they are looking for radicalism, they will come up with a message and really that's going to be the key. there is no silver bullet other than people getting a different message. >> fran, many people said that message has been long in coming. has the united states, has counter terrorism and homeland security tried to urge the moderate mlim community to get on the stick here and law enforcement can't do this alone? >> there has been a lot of work in this area, but it's difficult. often times those very people that you would like to carry, the counter message that nick talked about are intimidated, fear 68, dot want to aract attention. it's been a lg time coming. i think it's fair tosay. the u.s. government while we
11:37 pm
have tried very hard to post this sort of counter narrative d as we used to call it, it's not credible unless it'spl ce for example the muslim community itself. now that we see some of this, there was a case in northern virginia where t family reported to authorities that thei sons hade and they were arrested in pakistan. that's the cooperation, that's the moral courage we need to see more publicly demonstrated more often frankly so that there is this counter message that this form of violence and jihadism is not going to be tolerated within the muslim community itself. >> i top the kpla an interview i did this week. he faced the brunt ofth ese elements byan preaching tolerance and against this kind of jihadist version of 'sislam. here's what he said exactly to your point about stopping the spread of this on the internet. >> you can't stop the internet
11:38 pm
it appears. governments have tried and failed. so would you ever answerut reaching out to these various people who supporth on the internet and who put it on the internet? >> it is true, youth programs join so that they can have discussions and even i call it debate with them. i never attended. the problem is these people are very, very much exclusive. they don't come to the mainstream mosque to pray regularly. they have their own place where they gather and spread out their extremist ideas and it's difficult to read them out. we are constantly reminding our young that this is a dangerous trend. what we are doing is number one, trying to prevent other young pele from being influenced. weh tried to compete with them and this is why we produce as mu cch as we can the moderate
11:39 pm
views and upload it to the internet. that's what we can do. >> fran, i thought two things were interestin about my conversation there from the cultural center of new york. number one, there is no discussion between radical muslim. number two, he almost speaks aboutth getting the youth like would before they take that first drug, before they take that cigarette. you have to get theseeople before they get indoctrinated toward this is radical islam. >> that's right, drew. the same thing that you spoke with and have experienced there. the same thing happened here at the washington islamic center. the radicals would be outside the mosque, harassing people as they went in and preaching the hateful version of islamwa and inside here was preaching a message of tolerance and peace.
11:40 pm
it really is very difficult, this notion -- i had to smile when he said we have to compete. i think that's exactly what needs to happen here. they really have a competitive version of islam that ought to be more attractive to young people. it really is a message of tolerance and peace. there is tremendous effort put in this, especially here in washington which is a multiethnic population and cultural center. eyy very hard to compete with t radical message. >> rejoin me after the break. we willis dcuss the biggest threat of all, the lone wolf. those terrorists are not even on our radar yet. falling in love with the mospersonalized mosstcu omiz piece of wifurniture you will ever own. ♪ get that one piece rig and the rest of the room will just fall into place. it starts with you
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thattacks,nce the 9-11 some of the most high profile attacks came fra people completely off the radar. man pleaded guilty to the time square plot and another accused of trying to blow up an aliner last christmas day with a bomb in his underwear. they were unknowns until they launched their attacks.
11:44 pm
guys, before we get to the discussion, let me play a little sound from homeland security janet napolitano, years later as she stalks about the changing thre we are facing. >> if we fight terrorists abroad weon w't vo to fight them here, it's just that. old view. it is abundantly clear that we have to fight terrorists abroad. we have to fight them at home. we have to fight them, period. >> fran, weir did when this fir started out. we fought them over there. either they were destroyed and scattered or we have created more of them. any thoughts on that? >> not too sure it's an either or. i frankly think what we are seeing is al qaeda has adapted to many of the things that we put in place to try to protect ourselves. when we strengthen border
11:45 pm
security, we have intelligence and law enforcement effort against those who cross the bowhrders to do us harm. what would you do to get around the protection? look for a way to recrt people in the united states or had t ability to travel across the borders. you look at things like time square and nadal hasan at ft. hood and christmas daand you understand that the lone wolf is an incredibly difficult thing for law enforcement and intelligence to target andfect effective against. that is what makes it so valuable to al qaeda. it requires resources and luck in order todentify them before they act. it's the old saying. they only have to be right once and alleta npolitano the men and women who try to protect us have to be right every time. it's a difficult threat to combat. azed me whe we m learn who these pele are whethers it's shzad it's many
11:46 pm
men of privilege and men of learning and usually men of means and there doesn't seem to be shortage of them. you travel a lot in the muslim world. where are these men come for exampl example ---ing from. >> they had a chance to see western influence and perhaps members of their families have gone out to nightclubs and been drinking and gone back to islam and said that was all wrong and wanted a more radical version of it and mixed with other people who had these ideas and then mixed with even more extreme radicals. that seems to be where they are coming from. they are the people who sort of -- >> soy, nick. i want to ask you canpe fairly say these people are brain washed? >> i think that's exactly what happens. they get preached and he beinn
11:47 pm
adherence tostrict islam and the message got more radical, more violent, if you will. i think that's what you see happening here. they become very muchtr adheern to the strict principals of islam and a more radical message and what happens is they are encouraged to look for an opportunity to act on this radical perverted preaching of islam and then they are given an opportunity. itol seems to follow a very distinct pattern, but it's an evolutn overtime where they are walked down a path and whether or not they realize that's where it's going to end up. >> i'm not asking for a silver lining, but are there less and less of them and the reason we are seeing them come for example various parts of the world ned of one part is because the ranks are growing thin? >> i would say no. i would say there more out there buying into osama bin laden's radical message of a global
11:48 pm
jihad and a globalh counter fat and there more and more people that see other people taking those steps and think i should do that. for every one of these people that are close to being successful that, spurs on a half dozen others we don't know about. the indications are you now have al qaeda in yemen and they are partially ay tiny bit there an had them in you north africa and somalia as well. so many more places and in euro of course. the germans said they have 400 people on thein terror radar in germany. >> years after 9/11, the war in afghanistan is getting larger. no one ever mentions capturing or killing him. osama bin laden, coming up after the break. does bin laden even matter? ncha? you can make it in just 14 minutes. mmmh, orange chicken. great.
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nine years to the day, the man behind the attacks on september remains free. osama bin laden has a $27 million bounty on his head. here's nick's report on how he alluded capture and assassination for the past years. >> late in 2001, u.s. bombs fell on tora bora in afghanistan, al qaeda's last hold out. osama bin laden escape and hist whereabouts until now thought to be a mystery. >> there was an ability in western intelligence to track his movements for a number of years to iedentify the people
11:53 pm
that he was meeting and to identify his role in certain plots. >> cnn terrorism analyst paul cruikshank has new information on bin laden's movements from a former senior intelligence official who had an informant close to the al qaeda >> western intelligence was able to draw up a map between 2003 and 2004 of where bin laden was moving around. >> the new information reveal this is video would have been no surprise for intelligence agencies. the informant was telling them bin laden was regrouping al qaeda leaders and even meeting stermind, khalid shaikh mohammed before his arrest in 2003. >> he was cmunicating with the top lieutenants and he mints khalid shaikh mohammed in the period after 9/11 and he meets frequently with -- >> despite the flow of information in the pakistan-afghan border, there were immense frustrations.
11:54 pm
they were unable to obtainin actionable information on bin laden's movements and the leader kept on the move constantly. >> the closest they got was a week away fm where he was so they never called in a strike. >> by 2006, bin laden seemed to be settling down. his video and audio messages were more frequent and he was clearly more comfortablend for reasons unknown, informants intelligence dried up and contrary to conventional wisdom that the trail is dead, the source said otherwise. >> it's unclear what the quality is coming in. n his is intelligence o movements that continues to come in andeing analyzed all the time. >> indeed they said the evidene suggests that all these years later, bin laden and za wary are in communication and directing al qaeda and often not far
11:55 pm
apart. the trail has not gone entirely cold. nick robertson, cnn, london. >> a gnaw poll out finds americans increasingly pessimistic about the huntor osama bin laden. en asked if the u.s. would capture or kill him, 67% sayly t likely. 30% call his capture likely. this pessism has been growing since the 2001 attacks. you can see back then only 21% considered bin laden's capture unlikely. in 2005 that grew to 42%. by last year up to 54%. nick robertson, the question i have from the radical islamic perspective, is osama bin laden still the driving force in this movement? is he relevant or has itgo gone beyond him? >> he is perhaps a driving force, but an inspirational leader and very mucerh relevant. there was a case in 2006 where
11:56 pm
al qaeda got ahead of him. thereader in iraq was so much more radical, recruiting people from all over the region. bin laden had to say he's the big guy now. things moved on. certainly bin laden has shown when he says something, people will act on it. for example, attacking danish interest after they published cartoons of the prophet mohammed. he is still relevant and a figure head so his capture or killing is still very, very important i would say. >> fran, to win the war on terror, it you can even do that, is killing or capturingosama bin laden still necessary? >> i think it is both necessary and will remain a priority. it has across multiple administrations and will continue to be. look, he is as nick said inspirational and important to training and fund-raising. he will contin to be a
11:57 pm
priority and it's understandable that the american people with so much time going past have less confidence, but what they don't see is what goes on behind the curtain of the u.s. government. intelligence resources have been increased and the capability increased. we see increasing activity of predator dres in the tribalrren areas by the current administration. all of this suggests to me looking in now from the outside that the intelligence is improving and they are more kely, not less likely to get the intelligence they need to capture or kill b laden. >> nine years after the attacks that sparked this movement, we are faced with all these questions. i want to thank you both for joining us. fran townsend in washington and ni robertson in earthquakes bu dabby. thank you for joining us. good night. mom, new shoes? old legs. p.a.d., the doctor said. p-a-d... p.a.d. isn't just poor circulation in your legs
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